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Consider This... School Uniforms in Lubbock

For most of our kids, school starts next week. Although it may be too late for this school year, I can't help but think that an across the board uniform policy would be best for our kids. It's a policy that many school districts are moving toward and it makes a lot of sense.

Research shows uniforms in schools effectively "level the playing field" for kids, who, in a public system, come from economically diverse backgrounds. Uniforms would reduce the #1 problem in schools: peer-pressure; reduce distractions in class; lower the cost to parents for school clothing; and easily identify strangers on campus.

Also, perception is reality, and if business prospects visit Lubbock, they will be given a much better image of our public schools.

Skeptics will argue that a mandatory uniform policy for public schools would lead to legal battles over freedom of expression. So does this mean we will penalize the majority for the sake of a few? What would be next, let the kids decide the books they will study?

Consider this, if you know where Texas ranks in education nationwide, you'll realize why we need decisive action and strong leaders to help us move toward a school uniform policy for all Lubbock County schools.

Let each district decide the acceptable criteria and policy requirements, but our kids deserve the best education possible and, like it or not, in this day and age, the way they are allowed to dress could make all the difference.

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