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"Let Lubbock Vote" Committee Formed

"Let Lubbock Vote" is a name folks will be hearing a lot in the coming days.

It's the name for the political action committee heading up the effort to have a successful petition, which would allow Lubbock residents to vote on whether to allow packaged alcohol sales within city limits.

Former chamber board member David George will head of the committee. He will oversee the planning and execution of events to get the word out, and to raise money.

"When he was the vice chairman of the board, he was our legislative affairs, oversaw our legislative affairs, and so David had a great work relationship with our board as well as the staff," said Eddie McBride, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce President.

Chamber leaders announced they would lead a drive to put alcohol sales to a vote on August 12th. They need more than 19,000 signatures for a petition drive in all of Lubbock County. It would be more than 16,000 signatures for just the city of Lubbock.

This effort comes after those responding to a chamber survey overwhelmingly supported expanding sales in the city limits.

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