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More People on the South Plains Turn to Food Bank for Assistance

More people are looking to outside assistance for their meals.  According to the Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas ranks third in the nation for people going hungry, and that is no different here on the South Plains.

At the South Plains Food Bank they are seeing a 15 to 20 percent increase of new people needing help this year. That's why it is so important to donate anything you can to help out.

It's the season of giving and if any season needs it the most it's this year.  At the South Plains Food Bank those who need assistance has increased since the summer months.  "We have been seeing that increase need and we've been struggling to make those ends meet," said South Plains Food Bank Executive Director David Weaver.

On Tuesday the Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Todd Staples toured the South Plains food bank and stressed the importance of state and local food groups working together. "In Texas we rank third in the nation of those that are food insecure and that's not a distinction that we are proud of," said Staples.

"That insecurity is a little higher out here in West Texas as we have higher poverty ratios," said Weaver. 

Because of the higher poverty ratios the South Plains Food Bank depends on the Texas Department of Agriculture to help out.  One example is a program that delivers fresh fruit to West Texas.  "Fresh produce is really important for people, it's a high dollar item when you go to the store so it's a thing that a lot of people when they are going to buy their food is something that they set aside, because they think they can't afford that," said Weaver.

With the increase of those who go hungry on the rise, it's just one more reminder to help others.  "That's why the U-Can Share drive is so important to us because it gives us a chance to get the food in to help people not only at the holidays but to help us into the spring and the early summer," said Weaver.   

"I noticed that the people in the Lubbock area are a very giving community.  They understand that we make Texas a better place when we help our neighbors and help our fellow man," said Staples. 

The food drive continues through Saturday night at United Supermarket.  Remember every bit helps, even donating $1 provides about seven meals.

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