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The Ding King: Does It Work?

Getting a professional to pop dents out of your car can cost you an arm and a leg sometimes. But with an at home kit, you might be able to save yourself some money.

All you need is a pulling bridge, a hot glue gun, and the rest of The Ding King repair kit to call yourself a body shop expert! The Ding King is supposed to take out dents from vehicles. Now, my General Manager, Bill deTournillon, said I could test it on his car. Wait, maybe I should practice somewhere else first, like on cars that already have dents. I found plenty at B&R Salvage.

Chris Harrington works at B&R and will help test the Ding King on a beat up 1993 Cougar hood.

"Well, let's put a new dent on the hood," I said.

"Okay," said Chris.

"You can put one in the middle," I said.

"Okay, that's a pretty good size," said Chris.

"Ah, you can do better than that," I said.

This is how it works: you take the glue gun, apply the glue to the pulling tab, and place it on the middle of the dent. Now, we have to let it dry for five minutes. After the glue dries, the instructions say to put the pulling bridge over the pulling tab, take the screw knob, and twist it until the dent pops out. The pulling tab did not stick to the car long enough to take out the dent because the glue did not stay.

So, we tried it a second time making sure the dented surface was clean, and we waited for another five minutes. While we waited, we decided to beat up on an 80's model Ford Escort door. After beating a dent in the door, we prepped the area for dent removal.

Chris and I went back to the car hood and tried twisting the pulling tab. Again, the pulling tab did not stick to the car.

"It was trying to pull it, but it never did," said Chris.

Our final test done on the Escort door would tell me all I needed to know, if the Ding King was worth the money. And like the first and second test, the third test results were the same. The Ding King does not work. Thank goodness I did not follow through the initial test on our GM, Mr. deTournillion's car.

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