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Allison House Gets a Second Chance

The legend of Buddy Holly remains one of Lubbock's most prideful assets.  Next week, Civic Lubbock will decide what to do with a physical piece of that history.

The words and music to one of the most famous songs by Buddy Holly and the Crickets was written in a small bedroom in the Allison house more than 50 years ago.

Cricket's band member J.I. Allison lived in the house.  Three years ago, the city of Lubbock rescued the home from its original address on Sixth Street near Avenue W and moved it to a safer location.

Nothing has been done with the house since then, but things are starting to look up.  The city recently gave Civic Lubbock permission to renovate the Allison house and next week's board meeting will include plans for future projects on the house. The senior liaison to Civic Lubbock, Scott Snider, said, "Preliminary discussion have been that it would be located maybe somewhere on the same side as the Buddy Holly Center."

Snider says the house needs a lot of work, but the historical value it provides for the community of Lubbock would be more than worth it. "It just puts together another piece of the puzzle in the history of Buddy Holly and the Crickets," Snider said.

Renovating the Allison house would be just one more attempt by Lubbock officials to make sure there will never be a day the music dies.

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