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Summer Date Ideas

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Summer is the season where you can add a lot of romance to your life for a relatively low cost. After a long winter, an outdoor date can be refreshing and fun. Take this summer to try an alternative to just renting a movie. Show the person you are dating that you have put a great deal of thought into trying something unique. They will appreciate your efforts and you will have a great time! Look below for some wonderful indoor and outdoor summer date ideas. 

Outdoor Concert: The sunny parks of your region often host a myriad of outdoor concerts, music festivals and shows. Find a band playing that you both enjoy, or see something a bit different, such as a classical concert. These concerts are often free or offered at a very low cost. Bring a nice blanket to sit on (if they don't provide seating) and enjoy the summer breeze and great music! For concerts near you, try or search through event listings on our site or directories. 

Tourists for a Day: Explore the place where you live as if the two of you were tourists. Bring a camera and take fun snapshots of each other while you explore a place that you have both passed a million times, but have never been to. 

Dancing Lessons: There isn't anything more sexy than seeing your partner find their rhthym. Dancing can be a very intimate activity if you know how to do the right moves. For provocative moves, try taking Latin dancing lessons together, or take a shot at the Tango.  If you want something more upbeat and fun, try Swing or Salsa.  If you really want to venture into a different realm of movement, take a ballroom dancing lesson. You may learn a thing or two about your partner and the way they groove. Plus, it is a skill that you can show off to your friends at weddings and parties. 

Beach at Sunset: During the day, the beaches are crowded, hot and perhaps a little less than romantic. Hit the beach around sunset, when the screaming toddlers and elderly sunbathers have returned home. Bring a bottle of wine and a blanket to enjoy the twilight. Don't forget your bathing suit, for it is often fun to take a dip under the emerging stars.  

Museum Exhibit: If there is an exhibit that suits you both, a museum visit can be a wonderful date idea. Find a fun exhibit, even if you have to travel a bit to get to it. Modern photography, hands-on science exhibits, butterfly conservatories, planetarium visits or surrealist art displays are usually very interesting. Follow your museum visit with a nice lunch or dinner out.

Jazz Club: Find a small, cozy and intimate jazz club in your area. Go there! Jazz clubs have a wonderful ambiance and are the perfect setting for a chill date. Have some drinks, listen to some Coltrane and enjoy your company. 

Afternoon in the Park: Take a Sunday afternoon when the sun is shine and the temperature is favorable.  Pack a gourmet picnic lunch complete with: nice assortment of cheeses, baguette, fruits, homemade baked goods or good chocolates, wine, sake or fresh juices. Bring a kite and frisbee.  Eat and play together for a romantic afternoon. 

Theatre and Late Dinner: Check out what productions are happening in your area through the web  or newspaper and splurge on a pair of good tickets. Find a nice restaurant that is open late and that preferably has outdoor seating. Then, you can enjoy a nice show and have a late dinner outside.  What a perfect date for a summer night!

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