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Consider This...Don't Take Money without Asking

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - City Hall wanting $3 million from LP&L for street lights is not about LP&L having money to spread around. Nor is it about city hall needing more money. It's about the will of the people that pay the bills; you and me, the tax and rate payers that own LP&L. I'll explain:

The best way to gauge someone's opinion is to ask them. And that's exactly what the city did back in 2003. The power company was facing bankruptcy because it had been sucked dry by soaring energy costs and bad money management. So we had an election and asked voters if they wanted LP&L to be managed by private citizens instead of City Hall. Voters overwhelmingly voted 83% to separate LP&L and let a private board take over. You'll recall that board was appointed by City Council, City Hall backed off, and the result is now a thriving power company that is handing out rebates.

So, going forward, it seems pretty simple to me. Don't start taking money and practicing the same bad habits from before without asking the people what they think. If city hall needs more money from LP&L, they should ask its owners…you and me for permission first.

Consider this: Not only should city hall have permission before raiding LP&L budgets, it's time we get our water, sewer, garbage, and other rates under control. I guarantee you if we had an election today, that's what citizens, would want. And I also guarantee you we would not have the highest water rates in the state if that department were managed by a separate group of private citizens. And those citizens should be appointed by a City Council that cares more about what comes out of our pockets every month, than finding ways to increase fees and grow government.

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