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Flood / Flash Flood Products


A Coastal Flood Watch is issued when Coastal flooding is possible within 12 to 36 hours.
A Coastal Flood Warning is issued when coastal  flooding is occurring or  imminent.
A Coastal Flood Statement is issued to update coastal residents on the status of coastal flooding in the areas covered by a watch or warning.
A Heavy Surf Advisory is a forecast of heavy or high surf that may pose a threat to life or property.
ESF A Flood Potential Outlook may be issued if forecast meteorological conditions indicate that a significantly heavy precipitation event and/or snowmelt may occur that would  cause flooding or aggravate existing flooding. Usually issued in the range of 36-72hours in advance of the event.
ESS A Water Supply Outlook is issued to provide estimates of cumulative flow volumes over periods of months in support of reservoir operations;also used to convey drought information.
FFA    A Flood/Flash Flood Watch is issued to inform the public that current and/or developing weather conditions could produce flooding/flash flooding within the next 12 to 24 hours.
FFW  A Flood/Flash Flood Warning is issued if flash flooding is already occurring or is imminent it can include flooding from ice jams and failures of water control structures (dams, levees, etc.).
FFS A Flood/Flash Flood Statement is a general statement about flooding, often providing supplemental/follow up information to a previously issued Flood/Flash Flood Watch or Warning; may indicate the termination of a Watch or Warning. May also be issued as an Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisory when flooding is imminent but considered a nuisance as opposed to life threatening. 

An Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisory is issued when flooding of streets, low-lying areas, urban storm drains, creeks and small streams is occurring or is imminent.

FLN National Flood Summary is issued to provide a  national summary of recent flooding.
FLS A Flood Statement is issued as a follow up to a flood  warning.  It contains the latest details on the event; it updates and/or expands information contained in a previous Flood Warning.    A Flood statement may also be used in lieu of a warning if flooding is forecast, imminent or ongoing and presents no threat to life and property.
FLW A Flood Warning is issued for longer term flooding events that focus on larger rivers. The Flood Warning is issued for specific locations, provides specific stage levels/forecasts, including crest level and time of occurrence, whenever flooding is forecast, imminent or occurring.
LSH A Lakeshore Warning is issued when high waves, beach erosion and flooding is expedite along the shores of the Great Lakes.
RVA River Summary is usually issued daily to provide a summary of recent rainfall and river stage information.
RVI River Ice Statement can contain both narrative and numeric information on river ice conditions.
RVR A River Recreation Statement provides current and forecast river and lake conditions as they pertain to recreational activities; can include flow velocity to describe conditions for boating, including white water rafting and to indicate dangerous conditions for swimmers and boaters.
RVS A River Statement is issued to describe notable daily river forecasts, ice jams and ice movements that do not warrant a flood warning or a flood statement. It is also used to communicate low flows, chemical spills, etc.


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