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Winter Storm Watch

A Winter Storm Watch means that severe winter weather such as heavy snow or ice is possible within the next day or two.

Now is the time to prepare!

Unlike tornadoes, floods and severe thunderstorms (which can strike suddenly), winter storms  usually have longer advance warning times.  Although you have more time to prepare you should begin as soon as a watch is issued.

At home or work:

  • Make sure you have a flashlight, a battery-powered radio or television and extra batteries to receive emergency information.
  • Stock up on extra food and water, medicine and first-aid supplies.
  • Make sure you have enough heating fuel. Prepare an emergency heating source, such as a fireplace, wood stove, space heater, etc.
  • Make sure you have proper ventilation. Have a working fire extinguisher, smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in proper locations.

In a vehicle:

  • Check the latest weather report and alter your travel plans to avoid the storm if possible!
  • Make sure your vehicle is winterized (proper tires, antifreeze, heating system all in working order)
  • Keep your gas tank near full.
  • If you must travel try not to travel alone. Make sure that someone knows your itinerary and both your primary and alternate routes. Dress in layers of loose-fitting, light-weight, warm clothing. Have tightly woven, water repellent, and hooded outer garments. and a hat and gloves (mittens are better than gloves.)
  • Prepare a  WINTER STORM SURVIVAL KIT and keep it in your vehicle at all times.

If you have outside animals:

  • Move animals to sheltered areas.
  • Provide extra feed.
  • Have an ample water supply available.


  • blankets/sleeping bags
  • a flashlight with extra batteries
  • a fully charged wireless phone
  • a first-aid kit
  • a knife
  • high-calorie, non-perishable food
  • extra clothing to keep dry
  • a large empty can and plastic cover with tissues and paper towels for sanitary purposes
  • a small can and water-proof matches to melt snow for drinking water
  • a sack of sand (or kitty litter)
  • shovel, windshield scraper and brush
  • tool kit,tow rope, booster cables
  • a compass and road map

Stay tuned to NewsChannel 11 for the latest information.

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