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Coach Knight Confrontation Caught On Tape

A shouting match between Texas Tech Basketball Coach Bob Knight and the man who claims Knight shot at him is now making headlines across the country.  The confrontation was caught on tape, and NewsChannel 11 is taking a closer look.

Lubbock Police closed their investigation earlier this month, saying Knight did nothing wrong, but James Simpson claims Knight peppered his south Lubbock home with shotgun pellets while dove hunting in October. 

Simpson confronted Knight, and videotaped the resulting argument. Afterwards, he says Knight deliberately shot at him. NewsChannel 11 obtained a copy of that tape Wednesday afternoon.

"I didn't shoot at your house, so you're talking to the wrong guy," Knight said. 

James Simpson claims that shot gun pellets rained down on his home, around his yard, and in his pool on October 21st.

"Pellets fell on my house," Simpson said. 

"I didn't shoot in that direction once," Knight said. 

Simpson confronted Coach Knight, believing he was the culprit.

"I don't want the pellets landing in my back yard again," Simpson said. 

"Well, why do I have to move when I didn't shoot at your house," Knight asked. 

"How about if I came to your house and shoot and have pellets land in your back yard?  You wouldn't like that," Simpson said. 

"I didn't do that," Knight said. 

"You two are the only people out here shooting," Simpson said referring to Knight and Bob Curtis who was hunting with Knight. 

"Well maybe Bob did it; I didn't do it," Knight said. 

"Well he's probably covering up for you because you're some big celebrity, so what I'm saying now," Simpson started to say. 

"Don't even get into that," Knight interrupted. 

"I'm going to tell you now, I'm asking you, move down," Simpson continued. 

"You didn't ask us to move down, you swore and cussed and called us," Knight started to say. 

"That's exactly what I said; I'm asking you now to move down so the pellets don't land on my house again," Simpson interrupted. 

"If you ask us politely, I'll be glad to do it," Knight said. 

After the argument, Simpson says he returned home which is hundreds of yards away from the field.  A short time later he heard two shots, and felt pellets hit him, but he didn't report the incident until the next day.

Simpson called 911 and told the dispatcher "it was Coach Bob Knight that shot me and my house".

"You're shooting a gun; it landed in my back yard," Simpson said. 

"No I wasn't," Knight replied. 

"There's my house right there," Simpson said pointing his camera toward his home. 

"Get it on tape," Knight said. 

"And there's you right there," Simpson continued. 

"And I didn't shoot in that direction one time," Knight said. 

Simpson never gave police a copy of the tape, and he put off meeting with detectives until this past Monday.  That's a month after the alleged incident happened. By that time police had already closed the case, again finding Knight did nothing wrong.

Knight calls the allegations ridiculous.

Simpson's neighbor Mary Ann Chumley also says she was hit by a stray pellet, but says it was an accident.



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