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MADD Unveils Drunk Driving Memorial

Three young lives lost, two parents left without their children, one devistated community and Tuesday at Seminole High School... hope that it did not happen in vain.  At a very special drunk driving memorial, Seminole ISD Superintendent Doug Harriman addressed his students saying  "Our rational minds immediately ask how and why this could happen. Part of our minds hunt and believe and hope for a purpose and reason."  Shannon Ramos with Mother Against Drunk Driving said, "Rachel, Madelyn and Yates are touching lives they never knew."

In August of 2004, Dirk and Tara Lindsey faced every parent's worst fear. A drunk driver crashed into their truck killing their three children. On Tuesday, the tragedy educated Seminole High students with a memorial to their children. Tara Lindsey told NewsChannel 11, "This is the closest I've been to the pick-up.  Before I just passed by it.  This is the closest I've been since the crash."

One Family’s Tragedy at the Hands of a Drunk Driver
Dirk and Tara Lindsey speak out for the first time since a tragic accident last summer took the lives of all three of their children. Their message? Please don't drink and drive.

A MADD mobile trailer, displaying the Lindsey's mangled truck, pictures of their children and NewsChannel 11's story about Rachel's, Madelyn's and Yates' death, was displayed for the first time at SHS Tuesday.  National Honor Society President Kyle Ratliff recalled the tragedy saying "It's completely changed our school. It's put a new perspective on life for sure.  From the moment this happened it changed our town, our community."  Freshman Alex See said, "We take for granted... I made it all the way to my freshman year and they didn't get to experience, high school for the first time." 

Dirk and Tara Lindsey hope the trailer will accomplish two things. One: to memorialize their children and celebrate thier lives and, two: to prevent a tragedy like their's from happeing again. Tara says, "We just don't want anyone to go through this.  We deal with this every day.  We wake up to an empty house without children."  Dirk adds, "We know one thing, there is a God. Our children are with God we know."

A portrait painted for the Lindsey's of their children will now forever watch over the family from their mantle as they try to again fill their home. Dirk and Tara are trying to adopt twins from China. They say, "We can never replace them we know that, but we can add to our family, they're still our kids and they're in our heart and we'll see them again someday."

Both the Lindsey's and MADD want to send special thanks to everyone in the community that supported them, and to all who contributed to the memorial.

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