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Consider This...Mentor Lubbock's Youth

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Most successful people had more than just good parents. They had mentors.  Teachers, coaches, a neighbor, a boss someone that took and interest and lead by example. And often times it were those people, not mom or dad that inspired them to achieve their dreams. An organization called ‘search institute' calls it the power of one. Power to bring healing, support, challenge, and change to better the life of a young person.

Last week I attended a seminar hosted by the YWCA where the search institute illustrated these ideas better than I've ever seen. They discussed 40 elements to healthy development in young people. Elements that can help a child grow up healthy, caring, and responsible.

Consider this: I would encourage you get to know the young people around you. Your neighbors, young workers at your business, students in your community, young adults at your church, you never know where and when you could start that mentoring relationship.  If you'd like more information on the ideas I saw from search institute last week, you can get it at

Take time to be the one to pass along your positive values and life lessons to a young person. In the long run, that ‘power of one' will benefit all of us.

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