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Consider This...I am Voting FOR

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - In case you haven't heard, LISD is asking our permission to spend $198 million on new schools, academics, technology, equipment, safety and security, and facilities.

These improvements will finally move our school district into the 21st century. I'd argue I'm as conservative as they come. I'm always skeptical of any government entity asking for that kind of money.

Having said that, I have done the research, I have met with committee members, board members, taxpayers, parents; people on both sides of the issue. I'm convinced a "For" vote is better than an "Against" vote.

This is a solid, well thought-out plan from a group of smart volunteers. They spent six months looking at what would be best for our kids. They examined every school and facility in the district and came back with a list of needs. I'd like to personally thank Mitch Watson, Laura Vinson and the entire committee for their work. I'm thankful we finally have a plan to improve the district. It is long overdue.

Consider this: Lubbock has fallen behind. Other area schools have passed major bonds, and now have newer facilities, and are attracting our students. These are districts that have the highest tax rates of any school in the state. Lubbock has a plan to improve every single school without a tax increase at all.

I have three kids in Lubbock schools. This election gives me and every citizen a unique chance to bring a better district directly to all of our kids.

So I'd ask you to join me and exercise your right to vote.

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For more information on the LISD Bond Proposal, go to the Decision 2010 November Election Information page in the Decision 2010 Section of

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