Consider This: Kirby Hocutt is doing great things for Texas Tech

I commend Kirby Hocutt’s efforts to continually improve the Red Raider game-day experience. Tickets for the the entire family are a premium entertainment item and Hocutt continues to find ways to add value.

  Consider This: Buy local this Christmas shopping season

Consider this … plan to do as much of your Christmas shopping with local businesses as you can.

Consider This: Watch out for trick-or-treaters

Consider This … it is my responsibility and yours to provide a safe environment for our children.

Consider This: Unfinished work at ME’s office

Consider This... what does having the highest paid medical examiner in the country get you? A $640,000 clean-up bill, that’s what.

Consider This: Vote yes on Lubbock ISD bond

Consider this… I am voting for the Lubbock ISD Bond and I hope you will consider doing the same.

Consider This: honoring the memory of Texas Tech Officer Floyd East Jr.

Consider this … we honor the memory of Texas Tech Officer Floyd East Jr. , and all who serve in law enforcement.

Consider This: time for Rick Francis to act like a Red Raider

Consider this … it’s time for Chairman Rick Francis to act like a Red Raider and be accountable this Thursday!

Consider This: Thank you Sgt. John Gonzalez

Tonight we honor and thank Sgt John Gonzalez who is retiring after 32 years of service with the Department of Public Safety. Sgt Gonzalez spent 24 years as a public information officer for DPS. For most of us, John Gonzalez is the face of the DPS on the South Plains.

Consider This: Walk to Stop Diabetes, Sept. 22 at Mackenzie Park

I want to invite you to come out to Mackenzie Park baseball fields this Saturday, Sept. 22 at 8 a.m., and join me in the American Diabetes Association's 25th Anniversary "Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes."

Consider This: Never forget the lessons of 9/11

We can never forget the lessons of 9/11. The images of the Twin Towers being struck, the devastation at the Pentagon and the wreckage of American flight 93 are chilling reminders of the attack on our nation that day.

Consider This: Rick Francis fired Chancellor Duncan on his own initiative

Since Rick Francis fired Chancellor Duncan on his own initiative, every Texas Tech supporter and alumni should ask for his immediate resignation.

  Consider This: How to clean up the mess Gov. Abbott made at Texas Tech

The hatchet job done on Texas Tech Chancellor Bob Duncan continues to backfire on the Texas Tech Board of Regents and Governor Greg Abbott.

Consider This: Duncan forced out for championing Tech Vet School

Next legislative session, our lawmakers need to change how regents are appointed. Governor Abbott has absolute power over the process, and that process is corrupted with politics and influence.

Consider This: Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for council's high-dollar projects

If the Lubbock City Council wants its high-dollar projects, let it tighten its belt like the rest of us do.

Consider This: Making the world better, one act of kindness at a time

Yesterday KCBD reported the story of Lubbock resident Ken Harris who was stopped by a DPS Trooper for expired registration but didn't get a ticket. Thank you, to Trooper Welsh and to Ken Harris for reminding us our world is made better one act of kindness at a time.

Consider This: A world-class university deserves a world-class vet school

Any regent who can't support a Tech vet school now, whether the Governor supports it or not, ought to resign his office.

Consider This: New dirt arena should be set up right

Immediately after voters approved abandoning the coliseum Randy Jordan came and talked with me about the idea of a public/private dirt facility by raising the hotel occupancy tax.

Consider This: Congrats to Coach Tim Tadlock, a real class act

I want to give a huge thank you to Coach Tim Tadlock, for proving once and for all that you can recruit, train and produce a consistent national contender, in a major sport, right here in West Texas.

Consider This: Protect your kids from hidden dangers of summer

Summers are packed with potential dangers and all of us with kids need to take time to make sure the children in our homes and neighborhoods are safe and secure.

Consider This: Honoring the fallen on National Peace Officers Memorial Day

Consider this: Take time this week to thank a police officer, sheriff's deputy or state trooper for their service.

Consider This: Big changes at Lubbock Animal Shelter after KCBD report

In the three months since KCBD shined the light on these statistics there has been a transformation at the Lubbock Animal Shelter and kill rates have dropped significantly.

  Consider This: Get out and vote to keep the coliseum this Saturday

Cut through the bull, don't be swayed by the scare tactics, and vote to keep the coliseum. #NoWayPropA

Consider This: Proposition 1 response from Mayor Dan Pope

This week, a guest commentary from Mayor Dan Pope, with a few words about Proposition 1, as the voters choose the future of Lubbock's Municipal Auditorium & Coliseum.

Consider This: Ignore council propaganda, vote No Way on Prop A

Get out and vote against Prop A. Early voting ends Tuesday. If you agree with me, share this commentary with your friends and use the hashtag #NoWayPropA

Consider This: Save the coliseum by making Tech pay its fair share

The city of Lubbock stepped up 65 years ago when Tech needed parking facilities, and now it's time for Tech to be a good citizen and to pay its fair share.

Consider This: Vote against Proposition A, reject council's plan to abandon coliseum

I'm urging you to get out and vote against Proposition A to permanently abandon the coliseum, auditorium and parking facilities.

Consider this: Council wants to be in the hotel business

The same people who crammed the Ivory Tower down our throat are now about to spend what could end up being another $50 million to go into the hotel business. All without asking us.

Consider this: Things I remember from Tom Martin

Lubbock said goodbye to a true public servant Monday.

Consider This: Congrats to Texas Tech basketball and Coach Chris Beard

More important than their tournament standing, Coach Beard and his ballplayers were classy and disciplined ambassadors for Texas Tech and for Lubbock.

Consider This: Lubbock is the only city to have ever paid to join ERCOT

It's frustrating to me that Lubbock raised its hand and volunteered to pay $125 million when no one else has.

Consider This: Voters spoke clearly on Tuesday, is the council listening?

Last Tuesday's party primary elections delivered a clear and consistent message that wasn't kind to incumbents. Voters said their elected representatives have forgotten them.

  Consider This: If you don't vote, your voice won't be heard!

If you believe, like I do, that voting is our sacred privilege as citizens, then I know you will join me at the polls.

Consider This: Time for big changes at Lubbock Animal Shelter

You were outraged by the KCBD Investigates report about the kill rate at the Lubbock Animal Shelter, and frankly, so was I.

Consider This: School board votes against LISD parents

In a move that baffles the imagination, last week LISD's board of trustees voted 4 to 3 to change the school calendar to an earlier start, completely ignoring the wishes of the parents.

CONSIDER THIS: Celebrate the Winter Olympics with KCBD

For the next two and a half weeks, there'll be something on television we can all feel good about.

Consider This: Time to take back your government

If you aren't happy with the direction of your city or school district, put your name on the ballot and run. If you want to cut taxes, get in there and show them how to do it.

Consider This: Tell the council we want to keep Municipal Coliseum and Auditorium

My message to the city council: I don't trust your decision-making and I want to keep the auditorium and coliseum.

Consider This: Hosting schools should put safety first

The student section lies between the visitor's bench and the tunnel to their dressing rooms. It's a poor layout that deserves to be looked at in the off-season.

Consider This: Support U Can Share Food Drive to help hungry families on the South Plains

This marks the 35th year KCBD and the South Plains Food Bank have teamed up to help needy families across 20 counties on the South Plains with the U Can Share Food Drive.

Consider This: Plan to shop local and give local

This is a season where we look to help others who are less fortunate. Plan to give back right here in our community.

Consider This: Time to bring the Baylor game back to Lubbock

it's time for Texas Tech to be a team player and support the community that supports it so generously and so well.