KCBD Investigates: Woman promised $6.5M realized the scam before it was too late

“He sent me a picture of a lock box and in it, $6.5 million dollars,” Scott said.The catch? Scott needed to pay the agent who would drop off that box of cash.

  Dangerous chemicals could be lurking in your home

  County responds to former medical examiner’s explanation of backlog, provides update on outstanding cases

KCBD Investigates: Exclusive Interview with former Lubbock County Chief Medical Examiner on backlog of cases

Nuclear fallout: $15.5 billion in compensation and counting

Watching Your Wallet: Company offering to help lower student debt under investigation

Mice. Mold. Messes.

Continued Coverage

  Watching Your Wallet: Will Social Security be there when you retire?

Former attorneys for Reagor-Dykes seeking payment for their work

You’re in a political ad. (But you don’t know who’s behind it)

Watching Your Wallet: Travel More, Spend Less

KCBD Investigates: Man may have to wait at least 8 months to receive father’s death certificate

KCBD Investigates questions ME’s 427 backlogged cases

Reagor-Dykes customers caught in lawsuit, bankruptcy limbo to see relief

The ruling means if there are any negative comments on an affected customer’s credit report, those comments will be removed. If the customer was having to pay for their trade in and their new car, the payoff for their old car will finally be paid.

From college student to inmate, a look at the place Daniels has called home for the past year

Hollis Daniels is in the Lubbock County Detention Center charged with capital murder of a peace officer. Daniels is also facing a federal charge of possession of a stolen firearm.

  Extended interview: TTU police chief reflects on anniversary of Officer East’s death

Extended excerpts of Shaley Sanders' interview with Texas Tech University Police Chief Kyle Bonath

Texas Tech University police chief opens up about loss of Officer Floyd East Junior

Texas Tech Police Chief Kyle Bonath opens up about the night one of his officers was shot and killed while working at the police department. As he reflects on the anniversary of Officer Floyd East Junior's death, he talks about some of the changes made at the department and across campus.

  Remembering Officer East: The man behind the badge

Watching Your Wallet: Budget now for holiday spending

Texas Tech President: Security changes follow shooting death of Officer Floyd East

Timeline: Moments leading up to deadly shooting of Texas Tech police officer

Judge approves motion of employment for RDAG law firm

Report: Customers are overpaying on a quarter of all prescriptions

  Meet the new Lubbock Animal Services Director

Steven Greene talks about his promotion to Director of Lubbock Animal Services.

FirstCapital Bank says they were victims of Reagor-Dykes check-kiting

FirstCapital Bank made a motion to dismiss claims made by Vista Bank on Tuesday, saying they were a victim of “a check-kiting scheme perpetrated by Reagor-Dykes.”

Ford, GM, Toyota all object to Reagor-Dykes sale

Ford, GM and Toyota have all objected to the proposed sale of Reagor-Dykes dealerships.

Big Pharma was supposed to self-police fentanyl prescriptions. It failed. Patients died.

Internal documents show lax enforcement, missed opportunities by the federal government.

Bart Reagor responds to more than $40 million lawsuit

Bart Reagor has responded to the 40-plus million dollar lawsuit filed by Ford Motor Credit.

Rick Dykes: Former Reagor-Dykes Auto Group CFO gave false financial info to Ford Credit

Rick Dykes issued a response to the civil suit filed by Ford Motor Credit on Thursday, accusing his former CFO of providing false information about RDAG finances.

You can help uncover political ad targeting on Facebook

Use the Facebook Political Ad Collector to help categorize ads and understand why they are targeting you.

Reagor-Dykes customer receives title application after 3 months of silence

We have been following the saga of one customer directly affected by the Reagor-Dykes Auto Group bankruptcy filing. Today our cameras followed Harold Jensen as he went in to get his title application.

IRS now listed as creditor in Reagor-Dykes Auto Group bankruptcy

In documents filed on September 7, the Internal Revenue Service is now listed as a creditor and a party in interest in the bankruptcy case for Reagor-Dykes Auto Group.

Customer faces weeks of silence trying to reach Reagor Dykes customer service

Harold Jensen paid cash for a truck from Reagor Dykes, but three months later, he still doesn't have the title. He says it took weeks to even hear from the dealership.

New Home ISD places teacher on administrative leave following television show on unsolved homicide

New Home Independent School District has placed an elementary school teacher on administrative leave following a reality television program that questioned the teacher about an unsolved homicide.

What is Check-Kiting?

Check-kiting is a form of check fraud that exploits chargeback time frame, meaning when a bank receives deposits of an item it increases the available balance in a customer's account by the item amount.

LPD: More than 100 guns stolen from vehicles this year

The Lubbock Police Department said the gun allegedly pointed at officers during the recent game room shooting was stolen. According to a police report, the firearm was stolen from an East Lubbock property in January of 2014.

KCBD Investigates: Chief medical examiner position open in Lubbock County

The chief medical examiner's position in Lubbock County has been posted for about a week and will remain open for a month as the search continues to replace outgoing examiner Dr. Sridhar Natarajan.

Robert Duncan celebrates 4 years as chancellor, shares journey from Tech student to chancellor

When Robert Duncan came to Texas Tech University as a freshman in the 1970s, he said he never envisioned one day sitting behind the chancellor's desk.

Tough questions for Robert Duncan about the future of Texas Tech

On July 7, Robert Duncan will celebrate four years as chancellor of the Texas Tech University System.

Panel close to choosing director of Lubbock Animal Shelter

A panel is close to making a decision on who will take the vacant director position at the Lubbock Animal Shelter.

Father of murdered Lubbock teen loses battle to cancer

We first met Joe Bill and Kathy Rogers when their 16-year-old daughter disappeared from their Lubbock home in 2004. For years, search parties spread out across the county looking for any sign of Joanna. In 2006, Rosendo Rodriguez confessed to killing Joanna, putting her body in a suitcase and throwing it in a dumpster.

Steven Forcum of Lubbock receives 17.5 years for fentanyl distribution case

Steven Lawrence Forcum has been sentenced Friday to 17.5 years in a federal prison by United States District Court Judge Sam R. Cummings to one count of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute furanyl fentanyl.

Lubbock senior apartment suspends rent increase after KCBD Investigates report

Earlier this week, the KCBD Investigates Team published a report on the rent hike at Hillcrest Manor Senior Apartments.

Brownfield Regional Medical Center Clinic reopened after DEA raid

The Brownfield Regional Medical Center Clinic has reopened after closing yesterday due to federal agents enforcing a search warrant. Agents from Dallas and Lubbock took box after box out of Dr. Dennis Tedford's office yesterday.

KCBD Investigates: Lubbock seniors say they may be left homeless by sudden rent increase

Dozens of senior citizens in Lubbock are worried they will soon be without a home.

KCBD Investigates: Timelines and price tags for Adventure Park and Lubbock Aquarium

Adventure Park was originally planned to open in 2017, but engineering and construction issues have pushed that back. The KCBD Investigates Team spoke with the developers to get an update on these highly-anticipated facilities.

TTU attorneys appear in court to battle lawsuit filed by consulting firm hired by Mike Leach

An attempt to obtain documents from Texas Tech University related to former Head Football Coach Mike Leach is now being battled out in court.

KCBD Investigates: Changes underway at Lubbock animal shelter as city searches for new director

Changes are underway at Lubbock Animal Services.

KCBD Investigates: Questions surrounding Plainview ISD's pick for superintendent

Dr. H.T. Sanchez is coming to Plainview ISD following an early departure from the largest school district in Southern Arizona.

South Plains family searching for mother's killer, 30 years later

"Cursing at her, he grabbed her by her shirt and deliberately pushed her down next to me and he pulled out the gun and started shooting her," Martinez said. "These gunshots are going in her and she was shaking and she was looking at him like, 'Please, stop.' And he just continued until he couldn't anymore."

Source: Accused Texas Tech shooter pulled over hours before deadly shooting, questioned about stolen gun

We were told that the events that led to the fatal shooting of a Texas Tech police officer began with a welfare check at Talkington Hall, but now sources tell KCBD that the story began much earlier, with a terroristic threat and the report of a stolen firearm, early Monday morning.

KCBD INVESTIGATES: Who is Hollis 'Reid' Daniels?

Hollis Daniels III, who goes by Reid, is the son of a city councilman from Seguin, TX about 40 miles northeast of San Antonio.

Nonprofits face big drop in fundraising from Panhandle South Plains Fair

Nonprofits across the South Plains said they fell short of meeting their goals at one of their biggest fundraisers of the year.

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KCBD investigation prompts state lawmaker to file bill

A KCBD investigation now has District 83 Representative Dustin Burrows filing legislation to make it easier for police departments to release body-worn camera video. Our investigative team brought attention to the concerns surrounding the body-worn camera law in reports last month.  Burrows' bill strikes the prohibition of police body-worn camera video being released to the public.  Instead, Burrows wants the police department to have the authority to release the video to...

KCBD Investigates: Loop 88 and Woodrow Road

As the outer loop moves closer to reality, a local lawmaker is expressing concerns it's impact could have on the already dangerous Woodrow Road. Could an expansion of Woodrow Road be included in the Loop 88 plans? KCBD Investigates.

KCBD INVESTIGATES: Burrows considering reform to body-worn camera law

A Texas state representative is taking another look at our body-worn camera law, after a recent KCBD investigation.

NEW ON INVESTIGATES: Transparency For Taxpayers

The city of Lubbock has spent millions of dollars on body cameras for police officers, but it's footage that you may never see. Find out why when KCBD Investigates "Transparency for Taxpayers," tonight at 10.

Grand jury indicts man shot, arrested during fentanyl drug bust

A man who was shot during a fentanyl drug raid on November 4, 2016 has been indicted by a grand jury on charges of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

Warrant: Murder charges possible in deadly fentanyl overdoses

After three fentanyl drug raids in less than two weeks, new details have been revealed in the ongoing investigation of the drug sweeping the South Plains. According to a search warrant for the third raid, investigators have probable cause to believe that the distribution of this substance has resulted in approximately six deadly overdoses within the last three months. According to a police source, more charges could be added to those arrested in these raids that include m...

Police hold news conference on officer-involved shooting during fentanyl raid

A DEA hazmat team from Dallas cleaned up the scene of a fentanyl raid that led to an officer-involved shooting on Friday. One person was seriously injured in the shooting that happened in the 2200 block of 2nd Place. Officials with the Lubbock Police Department held a news conference at Noon to reveal new details in the case.

DEA hazmat team cleaning up scene of fentanyl raid that led to officer-involved shooting

One person was seriously injured in an officer-involved shooting in the 2200 block of 2nd Place on Friday.

KCBD Investigates: New information obtained in fentanyl drug raids

In May of 2016, the Lubbock Police Department learned from a confidential source that Jessica Holl, 28, and Jaime Robertson, 32, were being supplied with large amounts of Fentanyl provided by Sidney Caleb Lanier.

Father speaks out against fentanyl after son's overdose

The effects of fentanyl have brought a great amount of pain to a Hobbs man and his family this week, as they believe it was dealt to one of their own.

West Texas overdoses linked to drug 100 times more powerful than fentanyl

An animal tranquilizer 100 times more potent than the deadly fentanyl has shown up in victims of drug overdose deaths in Lubbock, according to Lubbock County Medical Examiner Dr. Sridjar Natarajan.

KCBD Investigates: Fentanyl warnings issued across the country

Fentanyl, in many cases, is not giving users a chance to become addicted, because it is killing them after just one use.

Lubbock drug counselor describes dangers of fentanyl

Cole Watts is now 10 years sober, but during his time battling addiction, he dabbled in various types of drugs, including fentanyl.

Wife of man jailed in fentanyl drug raid arrested, 3 children in CPS custody

The wife of a man arrested in Thursday's fentanyl drug raid in Lubbock has also been taken into custody and their three children are now in foster care. The Lubbock Police Department served warrants for multiple federal drug charges Thursday morning. The first raid happened at an apartment complex at 4901 4th Street, near Slide Road. The second raid happened at a house in the 5700 block of 154th Street.

KCBD Investigates: Possible embezzlement at city funded non-profit

Over the last two years, North and East Lubbock Community Development Corporation, or NELCDC, has received more than a half a million dollars from the City of Lubbock. Its mission is to promote economic development in north and East Lubbock.

KCBD INVESTIGATES: Are new water regulations worth the cost?

Residents on the South Plains are watching their water rates skyrocket as municipalities work to become compliant with stricter water regulations.

KCBD INVESTIGATES: State orders refunds for illegal towing

KCBD started investigating viewer complaints into a towing company called West Texas Lender Support in the fall of 2013.

KCBD INVESTIGATES: Towing company accused of offering customer kickbacks

After going through TDLR's file, we also found what might be described as a smoking gun: the allegation of illegal kickbacks being offered to business owners for cars towed from their properties.

KCBD INVESTIGATES: District Attorney accuses judge of personal bias

KCBD has an update on a case out of Lynn County where the jury unintentionally sentenced a man to probation instead of prison.

KCBD INVESTIGATES: Shoot or don't shoot, would you have what it takes?

Across the nation, a debate is underway as people second guess the use of lethal force by police.

KCBD INVESTIGATES: Danger on the Rails, what hazardous chemicals are coming through your area?

In 2013, a small village in Quebec faced utter destruction after a train carrying tankers full of crude oil derailed, killing 47 people.

KCBD Investigates: Hard questions, real answers about Jade Helm

Jade Helm, a military training exercise that will take place in Texas and six other states, has been the subject of rumor and conspiracy across the internet.

KCBD INVESTIGATES: Are your tax dollars lobbying against you?

They lobby the Texas Legislature, supported by your tax dollars. So, how do you know if your money is going toward what is in your best interest?

KCBD INVESTIGATES: Decoding what trains and trucks are carrying through your community

"Any time you see a train you can expect that it is probably carrying some dangerous materials and you probably would not want to be anywhere near if it derailed."

KCBD Investigates: Commissioners spend tax dollars to spin pay raise

Lubbock County commissioners voted for pay raises for all county elected officials back in September, including themselves.

KCBD INVESTIGATES: Justice on a Budget

It is a right guaranteed by the sixth amendment to the constitution: everyone is entitled to representation in a criminal prosecution.

KCBD Investigates: How can you tell what a train or truck is carrying?

Philip Contreras and his one-year-old son Lucas watch trains pass by their East Lubbock home everyday.