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HealthWise at 5 for 3.13

Defibrilator Recall

Defibrillators save lives by shocking the heart back into the right rhythm, but now, a certain defibrillator is under recall.  Welch Allyn is recalling about 14,000 external AED 10 and MRL jump-start external defibrillators.  The machines in question were made between October 3rd of 2002 and January 25th of 2007.  The company says the defibrillators could produce a low energy shock, or just shut down unexpectedly or be susceptible to electromagnetic noise interference.  About 40 incidents have been reported, including two deaths.  For more information, consumers can visit the company's website by clicking here.

Sugar Sleep

We know diet and exercise are key to maintaining normal blood sugar levels, now researchers say sleep may play an equally important role.  Experts at the University of Buffalo followed nearly 1500 adults for seven years, focusing on those who had normal blood sugar at the start of the study but had trouble at the end of the study.  When they compared them to others who kept their normal blood sugar throughout the 7 years, they discovered that a big difference was the amount of sleep they got.  It turns out that those who got less than six hours of sleep were nearly five times more likely to have abnormal sugar levels. 

Religion & Anxiety

A study from the University of Toronto and published in Psychological Science finds that believing in a higher power is good medicine for fighting off anxiety.  It says that researchers can actually see the difference because the brains of religious people react differently to anxiety than those of non-believers.  Researchers measured the brain activity of a group of people while they were taking a cognitive test.  Compared to the non-believers, the religious group showed less activity in a portion of the brain that fires up when we make a mistake or feel uncertainty.  Those with the strongest belief in God had the smallest reaction to stress.

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