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Lubbock officially turns 100 years Monday

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - On Monday Lubbock will celebrate a landmark birthday. NewsChannel 11 hit Lubbock streets to find out if anyone would know how old the city is turning.

"100 years," said Stephen Hamilton.

"I think its 100," said Josh Reeves

"100 years," guessed Eleanor Monigold and her husband Vaughn.

Lubbock officially turns 100-years old on March 16th. We were surprised at just how many Lubbockites knew this. The Hub City has come a long way since the days of dirt roads and "Mom and Pop" grocery stores.

"Looks like from a dirt town to a thriving metropolis," said Stephen Hamilton.

 Vaughn Monigold said he noticed one major change around the city a little too late.

"The Marsha Sharp freeway, I look forward to coming back and driving on it, without getting lost," he said.

In one century, Lubbock has produced national music sensations Buddy Holly and Natalie Maines and has even landed itself on US News and the World Report's list of the best places to retire.

Stephen Hamilton said his love for Lubbock is conditional. "I love Lubbock. As long as the Red Raiders don't interfere with OU then I'll always root for them," he said.

 Since 1909, the Hub City has grown to a population of just more than 212,000 people and everyone we talked had pretty much the same thing to say.

"It's just a good community," said Josh Reeves.    

 "I love it. Great people," said Stephen Hamilton.

"Lubbock is one of those cities you probably can't justify itself except, so many nice people that live here," said Vaungh Monigold. "I mean, who would want to live where there's all this wind and occasional dust. I mean, you know, the people make it worth it."

"There are no better people on the earth anywhere than Lubbock, Texas," added Eleanor Monigold. "They're the best."

Local businesses are even honoring the milestone. Monday, all of the Lubbock United Supermarkets will offer free birthday cake to properly celebrate Lubbock's centennial. You can stop by any Lubbock location at 4 p.m. to get your cake and help celebrate our 100 years. 

However, the big celebration is in two weeks at the United Spirit Arena. The centennial closing ceremonies, sheduled for March 28, will begin at 7:30 p.m. and will host guests such as Mac Davis, Kenny Maines, and Joe Ely. Tickets are priced at $5, 10, and 15. To purchase your tickets for the closing ceremonies, (click here).

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