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Lubbock celebrates 100 years

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) -  It's a year-long celebration and Lubbock's Centennial party continued Monday with a special city council meeting where past and present city leaders got together to celebrate the big day.

"It's very exciting. It's absolutely amazing to see how much progress Lubbock has made in 100 years," said former Lubbock Mayor Alan Henry.

It was a day to reminisce. In 1909, Lubbock became a city. "It's exciting to have all of the old council members and current council members and old mayors, it's quite a party," said current city councilman John Leonard.

"Now therefore we the mayor and city council of the great city of Lubbock, Texas do hereby proclaim Monday March 16 as the city of Lubbock's Centennial and encourage all citizens to commemorate Lubbock's remarkable history," announced Mayor Tom Martin.   

On Monday, Lubbock celebrated 100 years with past and present city leaders. "To be able to talk to some of the older leaders that have served before us a lot of the issues have changed and a lot of them haven't," said current city councilman Todd Klein.

Former councilman T.J. Patterson served the city of Lubbock for 20 years. "I look around I can't believe what I see," said Patterson.   

Like most, he says he is in awe of the growth of the city throughout the years, and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. "You never forget where you come from there's some roots there that you can't replace so it's crucial that I remain where I am," said Patterson.   

"I never thought I would be a part of a city being 100 years old and this is excellent for me and Happy Birthday Lubbock," said current councilman Floyd Price.

"Happy Birthday, Lubbock. It's been a wonderful 100 years. Let's start another one," said Henry.

The big celebration is in two weeks at the United Spirit Arena. The closing ceremonies will begin at 7:30 p.m. on March 28. Guests will include Mac Davis, Kenny Maines, and Joe Ely.

Tickets are priced at $5, 10, and 15. To purchase your tickets for the closing ceremonies, (click here).

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