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The Original Buttoneer: Does It Work?

If you lost a button on your shirt, wouldn't you rather attach another button in only seconds? Because using a needle and thread can take a little time. "This would be perfect for a man," said Rachael's Fine Fabrics Owner Barbara Harris. The Buttoneer costs around $15 and it comes with 50 plastic fasteners, and 10 buttons.

"Make sure the fastener clips are on the outer side of the needles, okay, got it," said Barbara as she was reading the instructions. Barbara found out it takes a little practice to master the Buttoneer. But after a few times, she got the hang of it. This is how it works, you poke the needles through the fabric, plunge the fasteners through the button holes, "it worked, that worked," said Barbara.

Basically the fasteners anchor on the shirt, holding it in place. Barbara says it is only a quick fix.. "That might work in a pinch if a man were traveling and a button were to come off and he can fix it temporarily," suggested Barbara.

Although the only drawback is; you have to watch out not to poke your fingers. But other than that, The Original Buttoneer works!

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