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Analyst Says Lubbock Economy Has Bright Future

According to a third quarter report released Wednesday by Economist, Karr Ingham, Lubbock's economy is stronger than most other cities. The report names John Montford, Bobby Knight, and Market Lubbock Inc. President, David Sharp, as major players in Lubbock's success.

Ingham says the economy grew in part to Montford's work to expand Texas Tech with projects like the United Spirit Arena. He also says Bobby Knight and the Vatican Exhibit put a national spotlight on Lubbock. Plus, Ingham says Market Lubbock Inc. and David Sharp helped bring several new jobs to the city.

Here is a look at one factor that proves Lubbock's growth. Home construction was up 107% in the third quarter. In raw numbers that means during the same period last year, just over 2,000 homes were built. Compared with the more than 2,200 new home sales this year.

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