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The Finish Line for the Race for Governor

After vowing Tuesday night to fight until every last vote was counted, Democratic candidate Tony Sanchez telephoned his opponent early Wednesday. "I called Governor Perry this morning (Wednesday) and I congratulated him on his victory, wished him well and his family. And he was very gracious and a gentleman," said Tony Sanchez, defeated gubernatorial candidate.

Meanwhile, republicans in Austin and across the state are celebrating with a level of victories that the state's party is calling historic. The joy went all the way to the office of governor where Rick Perry vows to get started right away. "The people expect results and under my leadership, that is exactly what they will get," said Rick Perry, Texas Governor.

In statewide results, Governor Perry defeated Sanchez claiming 60% of the vote. In Lubbock County, Perry received more than 38,000 votes compared to just under 16,000 for Tony Sanchez. Republicans also dominated in every state race in Lubbock County.

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