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Local music store hit hard by gloomy economy

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Due to the faltering economy many industries are suffering right now, including one you might not have expected.

Jent's House of Music started in Lubbock in 1961, but after nearly 50 years in business it's now facing some very hard times.

Music is Billy Talerico's life and career, but lately he's seen the tone in business go flat. "There's got to be a way to revamp it, I believe it can happen, I believe it will happen - just how important is it, I think that's what everybody needs to see," said Jent's House of Music Road Rep Billy Talerico. 

At Jent's House of Music on 34th Street, business has declined over the last few years. "You've got to eat, you've got to have a place to live, you've got to have transportation but you just don't have to have music. Hopefully people love it so much that they want it as a part of the lives and that's definitely our desire," said Jent's House of Music CEO Karen Jent Pollard.   

Pollard says a lot of their larger instruments, like pianos and guitars, were financed. But their lender has since gone bankrupt leading to some instrument repossessions. Also, in the past year, half of their employees were let go and their three locations are down to two. "The closing down of Amarillo was really so tough," said Pollard.   

It's an emotional journey she hopes will soon get better. "I'm of the opinion that everybody should have music in their life and every person should have that opportunity," said Pollard. 

An opportunity to save the music, Talerico says is a must. "There's things that use to happen a long time ago that as far as educating the public about music education.  It's not as creative as it used to be so we have to make changes and get the word out to everybody," said Talerico. 

To help out Jent's House of Music a benefit concert is being held this weekend. You can attend the Jent's House of Music and Youth Outreach Prayer and Praise Concert on Saturday, March 21st from Noon to 8 p.m.

Stop by Jent's 2646 34th Street for free food and music. Donations will be welcome.

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