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NewsChannel 11 uncovers new details in Lubbock kidnapping case

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - In October, NewsChannel 11 told you about the suspected kidnapping of three Lubbock children.  Now, we've discovered new details that even the local federal magistrate calls frightening and disturbing.

Authorities charged Kenneth Wilcox, 41 with the kidnapping. Investigators say he took a 9, 11, and 14-year old from Lubbock to the woods in southeastern Oklahoma without their parent's permission.  Now, we're learning more about what prosecutors say happened during that trip.

The discovery comes out of a detention hearing held in December.  Wednesday, we looked at court records and found a recently added written transcript of that proceeding. It reveals what prosecutors call psychological terrorism and torture.

"I'm innocent. I didn't kidnap no kids," Wilcox told NewsChannel 11.  That's what Wilcox said on October 31st, when jailers booked him into the Lubbock County Jail. He had just been extradited from Oklahoma back to Lubbock.  At that time police told us that Wilcox took three children to a wooded area near Idabel, Oklahoma.

"We didn't go to any of those places he told us," Jasmine Bazan told NewsChannel 11 in October.  11-year-old Bazan says Wilcox never took them to Six Flags in Arlington, where authorities say Wilcox told the children's parents they were going.

Prosecutors argue Wilcox invited Bazan's younger brother, 9-year-old Angel Contreras first. They say Wilcox told the boy his older sister would feel left out, so they invited her. Court papers state Bazan wouldn't go without her friend, 14-year-old Lashawnda Theriac. Prosecutors say that's how Wilcox ended up with all three children.

"We had to sleep in the woods, and my sister and her friend kept on begging him to come home, and he kept on saying that he was going to his truck, but he never did," Contreras told NewsChannel 11 in October.  During the December 10th detention hearing, the prosecution argued Wilcox subjected the children to psychological terrorism and torture.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Sucsy says Wilcox "introduced the children to at least one man who told them he wanted to purchase them for $3,000 and was interested in eating or consuming the children because they would make tender meals."  Court papers state that Wilcox told FBI Investigators that he tried to scare the girls so they wouldn't run away. Sucsy says Wilcox "advised the 11-year-old that she might be able to save herself by turning the 14-year-old into the friend and that although the 14-year-old would die, she could save herself by doing that."

Bazan and Contreras told NewsChannel 11 Wilcox did not hurt them. Sucsy says that's what they told authorities as well. He says Wilcox "held himself out to be a protector", but argued Wilcox bought novelty hand-cuffs, a hatchet, tarp, and other items shortly before taking the children.  Federal Magistrate Nancy Koenig ruled that Wilcox would remain in federal custody pending trial, saying his actions "go beyond bizarre. It's disturbing and frightening."

Five days after that hearing, the prosecution filed a motion for Wilcox to undergo a psychiatric and psychological exam. The judge granted that motion. That puts Wilcox's trial on hold until further notice.

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