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Obama triggers gun and ammo sales

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - "Ammo sales and fire arm sales have just basically gone off the charts the last four or five months," said Mike Blackwell at Sharp Shooters Knife and Gun store. Despite a bleak economy, Blackwell's sales are up nearly 40% in the past few months.

Local gun shop owners say business is booming because of President Obama. It has nothing to do with the stimulus package, though.  They say their customers are buying now because they're afraid the Obama administration will soon pass legislation to tax or ban some gun and ammunition sales.

"Ammo, just nearly any caliber you want to pick, there's getting to be a shortage of it," said Blackwell. A few months ago Sharp Shooters sold out of a popular type of ammunition for a small hand gun, and were out of stock for six weeks. About two weeks ago, they got another shipment, and already they're out.

Chance Kelley went to multiple shops to find ammo for the Sportster his grandfather gave him. "Between here and Oklahoma City, they are out," he said. 

There hasn't been any new gun legislation passed yet, but Sharp Shooters posted news articles about possible restrictions at their store. Blackwell worries what new gun restrictions might do to his sales in the future, but for now he'll enjoy the extra business, and try to keep up with the demand.

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