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One Phone Call Saves a Lubbock Couple's Lives

"The fire department came in the house and the equipment indicated there was a gas leak, and they told us to get out of this house immediately and don't come back in," says Tom and Nelda Rollins.

The Rollins had no concerns about carbon monoxide poisioning, until they realized it was lurking in their home. "I felt a little light-headed, I had a peculiar feeling. The fact that I was coming and going more than he was, is the reason why it didn't hit me as hard as it hit Tom," they said.

Tom had no idea what was wrong, but it soon started to make sense. After watching a story on TV about the dangers of carbon monoxide, the Rollins decided to have their home checked the very next day. But what they discovered was shocking. "We never dreamed there was anything wrong, and things were moving so fast I hardly could comprehend. I had no idea how dangerous it was," said Nelda.

Firefighters found dangerously high levels of the poisionous gas in their garage, and it was quickly leaking into their home. Their heating unit was replaced, and now, they're fine. "So, we truly feel that you and KCBD saved our lives, and probably saved our house. It could have blown up," says Nelda. "You just can't be too careful. It's just really smart to have it checked," says Tom.

It's really to the credit of the fire department for making carbon monoxide testing such an issue every fall. NewsChannel 11's only hope is that someone listens and does decide to get their home checked.

If you suspect that you have a carbon monoxide problem, you can call the Lubbock Fire Department at (806) 775-2635 . They'll do a free carbon monoxide test on your home.

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