How Did the Libertarians Do This Election? - KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock


How Did the Libertarians Do This Election?

Two days after the Republicans swept the election, both locally and nationwide, third parties are left to evaluate their performance in this year's election. Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Texas, David DeLamar, says in the 30 years of the party's existence, this year, the ballot listed a record number of Libertarian candidates. Even so, they just compete against the staunch Republicans of Texas.

"We basically were stampeded by a herd of elephant straight ticket voters," said DeLamar. "When 70% of Lubbock County voters voted straight ticket, not taking into consideration each candidate's platforms or his record, I don't know what a third party's to do."

DeLamar says the Libertarian party will appeal to the state legislature to eliminate straight party ballots, thereby forcing the voters to consider each candidate.

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