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Pictures released from Plainview peanut plant

Now we get to see inside the Plainview Peanut Plan which is now blamed for some of the salmonella illnesses across the country.   We get to see what federal inspectors saw once the nationwide salmonella scare began.   Nearly 700 people got sick and nine people died.

The PCA or Peanut Corporation of America plants in both Blakely, Georgia and Plainview are blamed by federal officials.

On Thursday a US House sub committee met to question the food industry after the recent salmonella outbreak linked to the PCA plants in Blakely, Georgia and Plainview.

After seeing the pictures many congressmen wonder how this ever happened.

"This is a picture that you really need to understand this is the intake screen over the air that goes into where the food's already been processed," said Congressman Greg Walden of Oregon

Walden showed these pictures to a US House panel stating they came from the Peanut Corporation of America plant in Plainview.

At the hearing several food safety audits were released.

"How do auditors go in and not spot this in the beginning. How did this company get a clean third party audit something is wrong with the system," said Walden.   

A system congress claims PCA manipulated by using their own auditors to inspect their products.

However, here is one example of how it should have been done.  Nestle USA considered using PCA, but sent in their own auditor.

"As a result Nestle USA rejected PCA as a supplier we will ask the other companies here today why they did not do the same if they had perhaps some of the illness and deaths would have been avoided," said Congressman Bart Stupak of Michigan.   

Many congressmen say they are outraged the outbreak ever happened.

"PCA allegedly knowingly released contaminated products to consumers and companies, falsified test results and violated countless good manufacturing practices all of us are disgusted by the continuous horrid actions taken by the company," said Walden.

All products from Plainview peanut plant recalled
All products shipped since the Peanut Corporation of America plant in Plainview opened in 2005 have been ordered recalled.

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