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Sewage Spill Threatens Residents' Health

On Friday morning LP&L workers were putting in a power pole when they struck a sewage line, and with the spill has come some health concerns. The spill happened across the street from Tubbs Elementary School on Auburn Street and Indiana Avenue. Many parents showed up concerned about their childrens' health.

"I'm concerned about the water with the school and the chemical spill and everything else, because she goes here to school, my little niece does. I'm just worried about how it's going to affect them," said Julia Gonzalez, a concerned parent.

It took more than six hours to plug up the leak. In the meantime, the city informed local residents of the possible health concerns. "We'll work this evening to make sure that any of this that has drained down the street has been treated and that people are aware of it and we can just basically keep people away from it so they won't get ill," said Lubbock Director of Communications Tony Privet.

The sewage did not affect the water supply. However, some did make its way into the Canyon Lakes. The city is telling people to keep that in mind when fishing out there this weekend. The city has treated the sewage with chlorine to help kill the bacteria in it. The city should have the spill cleaned up by Saturday morning.

Health Advisory for Canyon Lake Area

Water from a sewage spill at Indiana and Auburn is flowing into the Canyon Lake System, starting at Lake #3, located near Avenue U and Erskine, and going east.  The City of Lubbock Health Department advises citizens to observe the following precautions when in the area of the lakes.

·       Do not swim in the lake
·       Do not wade in the lake
·       Do not eat any fish from the lake
·       If you come into contact with lake water, wash well with soap and water
·       Wash any affected clothes and equipment with hot water and diluted bleach
·       Do not allow children or pets in the area

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