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New, less invasive treatment for skin cancer

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Basal cell carcinoma skin cancer is the most common cancer and  many times, it shows up on the face, leaving patients facing surgery that may leave a scar. 

The FDA has approved another option for some people: a cancer killing cream for basal cell skin cancer. Dermatologist Dr. Lydia Parker says that, "Basal skin cancer in particular has other options. If the skin cancer is not too deep and not in a high risk area it may do fine with just scraping it off or many patients today are favoring treatment with Aldara cream.  Aldara cream will rev up your immune system boost your interferon levels where you apply the cream".  Dr. Parker says that by using this technique, the cancer erupts, turns red, then scabs over, and that the topical treatment has a 90% success rate. The cream does nothing to healthy skin.

The treatment is not for everyone and is only used in people with healthy immune systems.  It also requires a six week commitment and during that time, the cancer will become more noticeable.  In some cases, if the cream has not removed the cancer, it often shrinks it, so less surgery is required.  Aldara is not approved for melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer but it is approved for basal cell skin cancer.

Talk to your doctor if you think Aldara might be an option for you.

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