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Family of fire victim to set up memorial fund

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Lubbock family needs your help to lay their son to rest.

Christian Degraff, 3, died Monday evening, when flames ripped through the family's home at the Town and Country Mobile Home Park.  Now, the family is left to deal with the loss of their son, their home, and everything inside.

NewsChannel 11 spoke with Christian's aunt and uncle Tuesday night. They tell us that the family hopes to hold burial services on Saturday in Plainview. What's making it more difficult is money. They tell us the family didn't have insurance, and fire not only took their son and their home, but also two vehicles.

The Red Cross is assisting the family with a place to stay, but as you can imagine, they're devastated by the sudden loss of 3-year-old Christian and trying to find a way to help pay for funeral expenses.  "They really need some help; their house burned down and they've got to have money to replenish that and the funeral at the same time. It's going to be real hard on them," Uncle John Scherer said. 

"I know his grandmother and his uncle and his aunt went back for him four or five times. We want to say thank you to the fireman who injured himself, but they just weren't quick enough, but he was a very sweet little boy," Aunt Josie Scherer said. 

"The last memory I remember of Christian, this is the only way I can describe him, he had an ear ache, and he was at a meeting with us, and I was bouncing him on my knee, and he was feeding me Raisinets," John added. 

A fund is now in place to assist the family with funeral arrangements. You can make a donation to the Christian Degraff Memorial Fund at any Lubbock branch of Wells Fargo bank.

Toddler killed in fire, playing with lighter
The fire that claimed the life of 3-year-old Christian Degraff could have been prevented.

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