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Consider This... Baylor Game Bad Move For Lubbock

We knew Texas Tech Athletic Director Gerald Myers wanted to move a home football game to Dallas and this week he got his wish. And that is even after Coach Leach and the players have made it clear they'd rather have more home games.

Moving the Tech/Baylor game out of Lubbock will be costly to many businesses here. Consider this; I know it is Tech's job to make their football program profitable. We have one of the best teams in the nation and future seasons promise to be more exciting than ever, but I think Tech should've remembered those fans that got them there. By in large, they are Lubbock area citizens.

What Tech officials have done here is risk making money with an out of town game at the expense of the community that supports them the most. To me, that is bad business. Plus, season ticket prices are going up at a time when Tech has decided to move a conference game out of town.

Although it looks like a done deal at this point, the consequences of this decision are unknown and far from over.

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