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ACS & Hope Lodge host community wide garage sale

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - This weekend, the American Cancer Society is hoping everyone will find some good stuff around the house that you can donate to the Hope Lodge Garage Sale. 

The Hope Lodge is a multi-million dollar effort to build a place for adults to stay in Lubbock while they are undergoing cancer treatment much like the Ronald McDonald House provides a home away from home for kids undergoing treatment.  Mark Stephens of the Hope Lodge Campaign says, "Lubbock has the distinction now of being the first location in Texas for a Hope Lodge.  There are 26 of them now in the country.  We'll be number 27 and one of the first east of the Mississippi".  So, a community wide garage sale is planned to help raise money for this project and organizers would like to collect all the goods by next week.

The Hope Lodge Community Garage Sale needs donations early, so call ACS for drop-off or pick-up at (806) 792-7128.  If you would like to donate clothes, furniture or other treasures from your house, call the American Cancer Society at (806) 792-7128 to arrange your drop off or to find someone to come to your house and pick it up.

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