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HealthWise at 5 From 11.13

  • New Heart Animation 

A new 3-D heart animation could change the way heart patients are treated. This animated beating heart from Cyberfiber will enable the surgeon in training to practice a simulatd surgery without ever cuting a patient. The medical animation software will also provide an in-depth tool for physicians to be able to take information from a particular patient and explore it visually. Animated computer models of other organs are now in the works.

  • Kids are Watching

You've heard the adage "monkey see monkey do" well that might hold true for you and your child's eating habits. Researchers at Penn State found that 5-year-old girls who ate the most fruits and veggies had parents who did the same. Nutritionists say by eating the right foods, like the ones that fight cancer, parents can set good examples without really saying a word.

  • Pesticides & Parkinson's

Could common pesticides be connected to a neurological disease? Researchers at the University of Rochester think so. They found a link between Paraquat and Maneb, two pesticides used in farming and Parkinson's Disease. Using rats, scientists showed that the combination of the two agricultural pesticides created the exact pattern of brain damage that doctors see in Parkinson's patients. Researchers were quick to point out that the possible link involved the combination of the two pesticides.

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