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Larry Combest Announces Resignation

U.S. Representative Larry Combest served through 10 elections winning each with at least fifty percent of the vote. And in the November 5th election, Combest won in a land slide with more than 90%. He is chairman of the House Agriculture committee and earlier this year led the effort to pass a $190-billion farm bill that increased subsidies for cotton and grain producers.

But despite all he has achieved, Larry Combest has decided to get out of politics. His announcement letter was sent out Tuesday, shortly after noon. The headline read, "Combest to Resign in May 2003." NewsChannel 11 talked with Mr. Combest on the phone to find out why.

After 20 years of living the political life, U.S. Representative Combest is looking forward to living the rest of his life in Lubbock. Combest has announced he will resign as congressman effective May 31st.

"A number of events that has happened to both my wife and I in the last year caused us to rethink our priorities. And while we have our health there are a number of things we want to do together. My number one priority in life is her. I told my wife, if someone told me they were changing their occupation because of the fact they wanted to spend time with their wife, it would be pretty hard for me to be against it. I guess if people make a complaint that I'm leaving, I guess you should have to look at the reasons why. I didn't do any polling ahead of time. I didn't do this for political reasons, I'm doing this for personal reasons," said Combest Tuesday.

Combest says his resignation marks the last day of his political career. When NewsChannel 11 asked Mr. Combest why the sudden announcement? He told us, "I don't know if you ever find a perfect time to do something like this."

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