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Getting a Prescription Filled Without Ever Leaving Home

You see, through telemedicine, doctors can diagnose problems in patients who live in remote places via satellite, but then, how do you treat those folks since you can't send the drugs they need through the airways? Well, Texas Tech has come up with the solution.

"When you go to the doctor's office you get a prescription and you need to get it filled, and if there's no pharmacy in your town, you still have to travel miles, so this project is enabling us to overcome that obstacle," says Don McBeath, Director of Telemedicine at TTUHSC.

This project means there is an equipment site in Turkey, Texas, where a tehnician will stand by to pick up instructions from a pharmacist in Plainview or Lubbock. Thanks to a law that was passed in September, that tehnician is allowed now to deliver pre-packaged prescriptions under the supervision of the satellite pharmacist.

This first project is under study, but the hope is that ultimately, individual pharmacists will hook up with surrounding communities via their own satellite equipment to provide telepharmacy prescriptions to other remote areas.

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