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Tech Game Boosts Lubbock Commerce

At the Double-T Gift Store, they're expecting to see a 30% increase in sales.

"In comparison to the other weekends for home game events, this will be, it'll be a tremendous weekend for us. And if they win, it'll stay with us longer," says Larry Crisler, manager.

And just try finding a hotel room in Lubbock this weekend.

"Oh, there's none. I mean, we've called around, and we haven't found a single room. We're sending people to Plainview and Lamesa and Post -- are the closest places that have rooms for this weekend," says Vice President of the Lubbock Hotel Motel Association, Randy Bougher.

He also says that hotels and motels will take in about half a million dollars this weekend. Also, all four airlines at Lubbock International Airport say they have no more seats for flights into Lubbock on Friday, or out of the city on Sunday. And many restaurants have been getting ready for a while.

"We've been preparing for this game all month. We've been looking at our stock levels and making sure that we have plenty of condiments and stuff, ready to go -- extra employees," says Jessica Gordon, manager of Caprock Cafe in Lubbock.

President of the Lubbock Restaurant Association Shad Hartman says that it's just huge.

"UT always brings a good crowd. You know, and the people it brings with them, they'll come out and eat and they're nice," says Hartman.

What would be nicer than a victory over UT on Saturday? But no matter the outcome, Lubbock commerce will definitely be a winner. By the way, the Tech game is this Saturday at 2:30 p.m.

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