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Texas Tech Preparing Students for Drowsy Driving

Within the last year, two Texas Tech students have fallen asleep at the wheel and died. So, the university is using this week to warn students about the dangers of drowsy driving. On Wednesday, students pledged not to drive fatigued by signing the Drowsy Driving Pledge Banner. Most students will be driving home for the holidays next week. Experts offered a number of tips to stay awake while driving.

"One of the greatest suggestions I heard was that egg timer. Pull off the road and put that egg timer on your glove compartment, set it up to 20 minutes, get yourself a cup of coffee and move on," said David Schmidly, President of TTU.

Experts also suggest getting a good night's sleep before traveling, schedule breaks every 100 miles or two hours on long trips, travel with a friend and avoid alcohol or medications that may make you sleepy.

If you are a Texas tech student and are driving home for the holidays, you need to get a list of the "Road Raiders." These are Texas Tech parents and alumni all across the state who will allow you to stop at their house if you need to rest. To see a list of all the names on the list ( click here).

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