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The Emerson Switchboard: Does It Work?

Internet surfer Stanley Bobrowski says he spends up to two hours on the internet every night. He bought a product called the Emerson Switchboard because he was tired of getting booted off the internet every time he got a phone call. For $40 this product will allow you to get calls and faxes while you're online with one phone line. But, Does It Work?

"The hook up was extremely easy. All I did was get the power line and the phone line and then plugged it into the back of the Emerson," Stanley told us. This is how the Emerson works. It's designed to temporarily split your phone signal into into three separate lines. So when someone calls, the indicator will light up and sound off through the switchboard. Now that we know how the Emerson works, let's put it to the test.

NewsChannel 11 called Stanley from a cell phone in the same room so we could witness if the Emerson really worked. "Now there, we're off," said Stanley after counting 30 seconds on the phone with him. We counted to find out how long it takes before the Emerson kicks us off the internet.

That's the catch, you have a limited amount of time to answer before you are kicked off the internet. We asked Stanley about what happened when we called him a second time. "Didn't kick you off?" Cecelia asked. "No it didn't kick us off, but you have to be quick with your conversation," said Stanley.

Not a bad product and Stanley seems to like it, so it works.

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