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Food for Thought Report 11.14

This week inspectors performed 45 food establishment inspections. Once again, local schools were on the agenda. This time, our list of schools is three deep. Let's see how they did in this edition of NewsChannel 11's Food for Thought.

We start at Iles Elementary at 2401 Date, where inspectors found zero critical violations, making them a Food for Thought Top Performer.

Then it's on to Parson's Elementary at 2811 58th St. where one critical violation was found thermometers were not properly calibrated. The report shows the violation was corrected on site.

Finally Waters Elementary at 3006 78th Street gets two critical violations. There was improper cold hold of potentially hazardous food products. Sandwiches were found at 70 degrees. Cold foods should be kept at a temperature of at least 41 degrees or cooler. The product was discarded during the inspection. A thermometer was not accurate, thermometers were re-calibrated during the inspection.

Now on to this week's restaurants. A local pizza chain manages to make the Top and Low Performing lists, and we have repeat Top and Low Performers this time as well.

The Meat and Fish Department at Albertson's at 6524 Slide Road leads the charge this week with zero critical violations, making them a Food for Thought Top Performer.

Then it's on to a perfect score at Pizza Hut at 4401 82nd Street they also receive zero critical violations.

Smoothie King at 4210 82nd Street continues a streak of Top Performances this week with a perfect score.

Whataburger at 1717 50th Street is a Food for Thought Top Performer with zero critical violations.

We have three Low Performers to tell you about beginning with Pizza Hut at 3311 82nd St. That's where four critical violations were found.

  • Improper hot hold of potentially hazardous food products. Spaghetti noodles on the buffet line were found at 107 degrees. Hot foods must be kept at 140 degrees or hotter.
  • There was improper and inadequate hand washing. Employees were not washing their hands between job duties.
  • Good hygiene practices were not being followed. Employees wee drinking in the food prep area, dish room and wait staff area and open drink containers were found in the food prep area and dish room.
  • Thermometers were not accurate.

Other violations included soiled walls and ceilings. The Manager at Pizza Hut told us she was not at the restaurant on the day of inspection and that the health rules and regulations are taken very seriously and they just dropped the ball that day. She also said they have a daily checklist in place to make sure rules and regulations are met, and that things are good to go now at the restaurant. The inspection report shows all critical violations were corrected on site.

Our next Low Performer is New China at 4001 19th St. They receive four critical violations. Violation including:

  • Improper cooling. Chicken and beef were removed from a heat source at about 12:30 p.m.. Temperature of the items was taken at 2 p.m. and found to be between 110 and 115 degrees. The report says the amount of food was too large to completely cool down to 70 degrees within the proper 2 hour allotment.
  • There was improper hot hold. Chicken and beef entrees were being held on the serving line at between 120 and 130 degrees. Hot foods must be kept at a minimum of 140 degrees.
  • Food products were found in an unsound condition. Cans in the ready supply were dented.
  • A soda nozzle had evidence of slime mold on it.

Other violations included an ice handle stored in an ice machine, a wiping cloth stored on a meat cutter, a vent hood soiled with grease, lint and build up, a utensil stored in a container of soy sauce and vegetables stored on the floor of a walk in refrigerator.

The Owner of New China told us the chicken and beef were moved to the freezer to reach the proper temperature, and the hot foods that were found at improper temperatures were removed and replaced. He said the inspector came back for a re inspection and all the food on the serving line was found at proper temperature. The dented cans were removed, and the soda machine was cleaned immediately and is now being cleaned on a daily basis.

Finally, Jason's Deli at 4001 South Loop 289 finishes the list with four critical violations.

  • There was improper holding of potentially hazardous food products, including onions, lunch meat being prepared and alfalfa sprouts.
  • There was improper reheating of food products including pastrami and corned beef.
  • A hand sink was not being used for just hand washing and employees were not using proper hand washing practices.
  • Some sandwiches were not properly date marked and products in a walk in had expired date marks.

The Manager at Jason's Deli told us their inspection had taken place during their prep time, before the restaurant opened, and they would never serve unsafe products to their customers. He said the entire Jason's Deli Corporation is going to institute some changes in their procedures, and they are looking forward working with the local inspector to do that. Those changes will also include new equipment, and time and temperature charts.

The Manager said a great job has been done on their inspections and the inspector did note on the report that there has been great improvement and to keep up the hard work. The manager said all critical violations have been corrected, the report states that as well.

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