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Make your relationship recession-proof

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - With the economic meltdown across the nation, it's no wonder families are stressed - with so many losing homes, losing jobs, and testing relationships. But ironically, divorce is not on the increase.

A recent survey of divorce attorneys finds that 40 percent say they have seen a decrease in divorce cases, likely because it's cheaper to stay together. On the flip side, marriage counselors are seeing an increase in couples asking for help. So, here's some free advice from a marriage counselor who warns that money ranks as one of the top reasons couples get divorced, along with abuse and infidelity.

"It's very important to avoid pointing fingers, blaming each other. If the loan is going to foreclosure, it's very important not to point fingers. Or if there's too much debt, not to criticize about overspending," says Invia Betajoseph, a marriage counselor.

Betjoseph says the best way to make your relationship recession-proof is to communicate a lot; to fight fair by keeping calm when you voice your concerns and needs; and celebrate the positive by remembering to talk about what's right in your life.

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