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Stroller Fit Going Ga-Ga

It is a way for moms and their babies to get fit together. Stroller Fit is one of the newest workout programs to hit Lubbock, and it has got participants going ga-ga. It combines moms, babies and strollers for an hour long workout that will definitely make you sweat. Stroller Fit Instructor Kelly Rodgers started the program in Austin, and now that she and her husband have relocated here to Lubbock, she is helping moms here get fit. And oh baby, let me tell ya, this workout is a lot more than just child's play.

These moms and their babies have not come to South Plains Mall for the shopping, they are there to get physical. "We use the stroller as an exercise machine. We also use bands and tubes for resistance and you get a great workout while spending time with your baby," says Stroller Fit creator Kelly Rodgers. She says just moms have signed up so far, but dads and even grandparents are welcome at any of the classes, which meet three times a week for about an hour.

"We start out with a regular aerobic warm up, five minutes of you know getting your heart rate up, stretching, that type of thing. We do walking, a little jogging, lunges, squats jacks, jump rope, we use resistance bands we work on key muscles for lifting, biceps curls, overhead press, that type of thing to lift your baby and so we do a lot of that then we work a lot on AB work and flexibility. We do a lot of interactive things in front of them--big movements, jacks and things in front of them to keep them visually stimulated," says Rodgers.

Rodgers says it is a workout that can be adapted to any fitness level and Stroller Fit members say they have been pleasantly surprised by the benefits. "I went to the first class thinking oh it's just going to be a bunch of moms pushing little strollers around--it's not going to be a very good workout, but maybe it will be fun for the baby and I will have a little bonding time. And when I got there I was sweating up a storm! It's great, it's a good workout, " says Kerry Blanton, mother of three and a half month-old John.

"You don't realize what a good workout you're getting because you're usually entertaining your baby too but it's a very fun and effective workout," says Cayce Kaufman, mother of six month-old Nicolas.

The benefits are not just physical. "They get to meet new friends, form play groups, so it's also a social thing," says Rodgers.

While the program is a combination of fitness and fun that lets parent and child enjoy time together, it also sets a good example for the future. "It's a good way to show your kids how to exercise at an early age so that it's a normal thing to do when you get older," says Rodgers.

During the fall and winter, Stroller Fit meets Mondays at Body Works, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at South Plains Mall. When it warms up again, they will take the workout outdoors to a local park.

The first class is free, so call 535-0566 for more information, or (click here ) to see the Stroller Fit web site.

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