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Internet service provides advice for break ups

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Heather Miles knows what she needs to do.  "In the beginning it was great.  Then we moved in together," Miles said.  Now, after three years she just can't.  "Every time I try to leave, he wants to walk the straight and narrow," Miles said. 

She can't turn to her friends.  "They are sick of it," Miles said.  So, for the missing link she is searching the Internet, where hopefully she will find her answer once and for all. 

Web site creator Colin Anawaty says helping people like Heather is the mission of his social networking web site  "You want to get advice, but not from your friends. This is something that might help you reach that tipping point," Anawaty said.  He came up with the idea after a weekend listening to his girlfriend's friends on all their drama.

"I thought some of these people need to be slapped in the face," Anawaty said.  So, Anawaty decided to create a platform for people to spill all their drama. offers the brutal truth from strangers. You log on, post your situation and get advice from users just like you, all over the world. People can even vote, break up or chill out."I'm hoping to get more of one thing then another and go off a majority vote," Miles said.  

You don't have to be sitting at your computer. You can sneak anywhere at get advice with a new iPhone application. You could get a response immediately from the thousands of users logged on at any given time.

"There are 9,000 users and we get about 50 to 100 every day," Anawaty said.  "Most of the people who read it are never going to see me," Miles said.  It's the anonymity that allows Miles to offer up everything heavy on her heart, for not just one response, but hopefully several different vantage points.

"Sometimes they can see what you can't," Miles said.  It could be a fresh perspective from a perfect stranger that gets heather to finally pull the plug.  

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