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Evaluation of City Manager Bob Cass

November 14th, 2002



Job Strengths, Superior Performance, Progress, Achievements:

    • Outstanding job of public interaction
    • Excellent job of hiring a new police chief, while incorporating excellent accessibility of council in process
    • Great job of providing an open environment between council and staff
    • Excelled during council transition

Specific Work Performance Areas of Improvement:

    • Better train senior management staff to more accurately carry out council objectives/directives
    • Develop a process to verify information you receive from your staff upon which you base your decisions and recommendations. These issues would include: Policy Implementation, Budgeting, and Fiscal Control.
    • Demonstrate more initiative and stronger resolve for evaluating and disciplining subordinates

Specific Goals or Improvement Programs to Be Undertaken During Next Evaluation Period:

1) New Direction for Boards -- Get with Department Heads of M.L.I., Airport, LP&L, Civic Lubbock, and CDBG to insure their members are more involved in the financials and operations

2) Water Planning/Strategic Direction (Both Potable Water and Wastewater) --

a) Develop a plan and timetable to get out of the farming operation and go full stream discharge; bring a recommendation back to council
b) Explore all water resources and continue to develop plans to build a pipeline from Lake Alan Henry to Lubbock

3) Budget Direction -- Slimming down the administrative overhead of budget and streamlining government

4) Direction on Programming --

a) Bigger emphasis on cost recovery (Windmill Center, Buddy Holly Center, Silent Wings Museum) with these type programs to be self-sufficient
b) Restaurant, Hotel, Tourism signs on I-27, Loop 289, Marsha Sharp Freeway

5) Overall --

a) Be more assertive with sr. members of staff
b) Make sure they understand Council Directions and Directives
c) Look for ways to do more business locally
d) Improve quality of sound and T.V. programming on Channel 6

6) Long Range Planning --

 a) Start preparation for a planning meeting early next year
b) Add a Council Day each month for Work Session only
c) Develop strategies to assist West Texas Delegation Voting Bloc in Austin

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