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Lubbock City Council approves first reading of water rate increase delay

LUBBOCK, TEXAS (KCBD) - The Lubbock City Council is taking steps to prevent water customers from paying an increased rate against anything used or consumed during the month of March. Monday afternoon, the council voted 6-1, in favor of delaying the rate change until May.

In March, council members approved a rate and usage increase, that would begin April 1, 2009. However, for many Lubbock water customers, the April bill includes several days at the end of March. Last week, NewsChannel 11 questioned city officials about that, and they told us that those customers would begin paying the higher rate at the end of their March billing cycle.

City leaders tell NewsChannel 11 that they were unaware of that fact, as were Lubbock water customers.

Postponing the rate increase until May would insure that March billing would not be subject to the higher rate.

Only City Council member, Linda DeLeon, voted against the change. She says she voted against the increase in the first place, and felt that voting for the change would also imply that she supported the increase.

"I was totally against the first resolution of the water rates doubling and in some cases it's going to triple," said DeLeon. "And so I need to stay consistent with my motive of not voting for water rates."

The change is not final, until the council approves a second reading on Thursday.

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