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Campaigns heat up between two Lubbock groups vying for alcohol election votes

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - You have just two days to register to vote if you want to have a say in the May 9th alcohol election. Every vote counts, and that's why both sides are fighting for yours.

A mailer is the latest piece of political material published by the Truth About Alcohol Sales PAC. It's getting down to the wire as far as registering to vote in the election, and both sides are sticking by their stories.

"Lubbock County pro liquor is at it again today with their shrill and ridiculous criticism of TAAS PAC," said Brent O'Hare.

In a short press conference Tuesday, Truth About Alcohol Sales defended the mailer. "On one side is a commercially zoned selling beer and wine, on other side is peoples homes" the mailer says home property values will decline if alcohol stores come to your neighborhoods "beer and wine across the street from peoples homes equals common sense."

Truth About Alcohol Sales says it has not been in touch with Lubbock Central Appraisal District. Melissa Pierce with Lubbock County Wins says that assertion is not true.

"Home property values for the city will not go down. Research has shown values go up in general," says Pierce. And as far as the zoning issue is concerned, "It's a scare tactic because we've said before the city has zoning ordinances, there's local, and there's residential and commercial areas."  

But Truth About Alcohol Sales warns that the authority to govern alcoholic beverages lies elsewhere.

"The power is in Austin, not in Lubbock."

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