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West Texas Leader Says NO to a Chance in Congress

A man who many say would have been a front runner to succeed Larry Combest as U.S. Representative has turned the spot down. Republican Texas Senator Robert Duncan says he has a lot of unfinished work at the state level. Duncan says he would like to tackle big issues like higher education, agriculture, and transportation and says now is not the right time to move from the Texas Senate.

"I think it's very important, as we have seen redistricting and other developments in state, that West Texas maintains a strong voice in Austin. Right now, we have an excellent team," Duncan said Friday right before his announcement.

Former U.S. Representative District 19 candidate, Don Richards, ran against Congressman Larry Combest in 1984. Richards says the race is now wide open. "Several good candidates in West Texas, they all have pretty strong name identification so you see that emerge, but don't ever rule out a dark horse. You could have someone who comes out and campaigns better than anyone and can appeal to voters," Richards commented on Friday.

Potential candidates that have voiced interest in the congressional seat include:

  • Carl Isett (R)
  • Victoria Sutton (R)
  • Don McBeath (R)
  • Randy Neugebauer (R)
  • David Langston (D)

However, Republicans Sam Medina and Mark Griffin or Democrats Pete Laney and John Montford have not said if they will run.

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