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Tech Says 'No' to Fans on the Field

Texas Tech has a message for its fans before this weekend's big game: go ahead and celebrate, just do not go overboard. Beginning with Saturday's UT game, the athletic department is announcing it will no longer allow fans on the field, before, during, and especially after the game.

It is no wonder Texas Tech is saying no to fans on the field. Last season there were all sorts of problems after Texas Tech beat Texas A&M. In celebration, Tech fans tore down the goal posts and paraded them over to the A&M section. That led to an outbreak of fist fights in the stands and on the field.

So, this year Tech says no more. "Any fans who come onto the field are taking the risk of being arrested and being detained," says Tech Athletic Director Gerald Myers. Myers says there will be no repeats of last year. "We're taking steps to ensure the safety of the fans, players, coaches, anyone who could be injured with a mob scene on the field," says Myers.

Mob scenes on the field are not just a concern here. Just this past week in West Virginia, after the Marshall and Miami(OH) game, an assistant coach punched a fan who was on the field taunting players. The fan was carried off the field on a stretcher. The Miami coach was taken away in handcuffs and charged with battery, but many feel the fan is just as guilty for being on the field in the first place.

There was also this incident earlier this fall at a Major League Baseball game. Two fans attacked the opposing team's first base coach. Fans on the field, now a hot topic nationwide.

Tech is asking its fans to be gracious in victory and defeat and stay in their seats. "There just have been too many occasions and instances when problems have occurred with fans coming onto the filed after the game," says Myers.

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