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Tara House owner forced to make changes

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Monday the cost of living came at a high price for the new owner of the Tara House. Mark Haggard said sky high rates from utility companies would force him to remove the top floor of the house.

The city bought the house last year to clear the way for the Slide Road extension. The house has been at the intersection of Slide and 4th Street since 1941.  Haggard bought the house with a bid of $510 in January. He said he bought the Tara House to preserve a historic landmark.

The house cannot be moved unless utility companies lift the power lines above the house, but that would cost Haggard a steep $60,000. Monday he said he was leaning toward removing the second story. "I really hate to do that, you know, it destroys this historic landmark, but it's kind of my only other option is to go under their lines," Haggard said. "Because I don't think we can afford to raise high lines for the price."

Haggard was planning on meeting with contractors Monday night to discuss removing the top floor because he said he didn't expect utility companies to lower their price.

He must have the site cleared by April 15, because that's when work is scheduled to begin on the Slide Road expansion project.

Tara House Sold
During a special session today, the Lubbock City Council sold the Tara House on 4th street for just more than $500.

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