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Local Group Admits They Altered Photo on Campaign Flyer

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A local group against alcohol sales in Lubbock is standing behind its latest brochures after admitting one of the pictures was altered on the flyer. 

NewsCannel 11 set out to get the truth on what the "Truth About Alcohol Sales" is saying. Their latest political advertisement shows homes next door to a liquor store in Wolfforth. The sign should have read "Danny's", but was altered to read "liquor" in red letters.

The truth about alcohol sales also known as TAAS responded to their photo shopped picture in a press release stating, "In consideration of the store owner, the name of the store was not used in TAAS mail outs. The word liquor was used to emphasize that this election will allow liquor to be sold in similar stores and possibly, this one, along with others around Lubbock and Lubbock County, should the proposition pass."

Twenty-five thousand flyers were mailed out to Lubbockites. Is this fair when it comes to your vote? We caught up with voters to see how they felt and they say it's unfair. 

In a short press conference Tuesday the TAAS says home property values will drop if liquor stores show up next door. We sat down with an independent Texas economist, Doctor Ray Perryman he says after serious research, Lubbock home rates won't be impacted. "Straight line early and as the economic effects kick in it tends to be positive," Perryman says. He also says you could see 2400 new jobs.

 Again, Thursday is the deadline to register to vote in the alcohol election.

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