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Could Brown Fat be the key to weight loss?

LUBBOCK,TX (KCBD) - A study in the New England Journal of Medicine says the secret to weight loss may be something we are all born with, brown fat. Babies have it and it's what keeps babies warm because it burns calories all day, but it disappears with age. Or does it?

 Now, after studying the pet scans of thousands of adults, scientists have found pockets of brown fat in some adults mostly the thinner people that have normal blood sugar levels. "I'm very optimistic that brown fat could be a very helpful way to lead to weight reduction" says Dr. Aaron Cypess. The journal paints the picture like this; brown fat burns calories instead of white fat that causes weight gain. Researchers believe that if they can find a way to rev up brown fat activity in adults that could allow people to burn more calories every day without even trying. More studies need to be done in order to confirm if this is really going to help people.

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